A wide variety of eye care services are provided under Giving Sight - Giving Life Project. Our services are mainly community based serving the people who are poor and marginalized.

Karuna Community Eye Care Centre (KCECC) & Giving Sight - Giving Life Office, Maharagama

KCECC was started on 9th September 2017 in Maharagama, Sri Lanka and serve as a fully equipped eye clinic providing all the services free of charge to everybody. Anyone walking in to KCECC will be served free. Those who are from poor income families will be entitled for free cataract operations and free eyeglasses.

Giving Sight - Giving Life Outreach eye care services

We conduct outreach eye care programmes island-wide in remote areas with difficult access to eye care. Selection of patients for free cataract surgeries, providing free spectacles, treatment of minor eye ailments, diagnosis and referral of eye conditions needing further treatment are the services provided in these camps.

School Vision Screening and Free Spectacle Programme

School children affected with impaired vision are detected by the teachers using a simple less time consuming reliable method and will be further examined by our team. Teachers are pre-trained to screen kids. Those who need eyeglasses will receive them free of charge.

Education and training

SLACO members collaborate with the organizations in eye care to disseminate knowledge among the professionals and trainees. Eye Care Institute, Ophthalmic Opticians, Sri Lanka Optometric Association are a few of them.

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