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Get to know about common eye problems and how to solve them ...


a)A vision defect can occur at any age - can be corrected with a pair of eyeglasses.

b)Cataract usually at old age - needs a simple operation and implantation of a lens.

c)Diabetes causing damage to retina - you need long term treatment at an eye hospital.

d)Glaucoma (eye pressure) - life long eye drops are needed.

e)Age Related Macular Degeneration - May need special low vision care.

a) Pain following an injury to eye - need immediate attention.

b) Infection - needs to be treated with antibiotics.

c) Allergy / inflammation - may need long term care.

d) Glaucoma - intense treatment may need surgery.

e) Foreign body in the eye - needing immediate removal.

a) An infection.

b) Allergy.

c) Following an injury/exposure to a chemical.

d) Sudden onset acute Glaucoma.

c) Sleeplessness etc.

a) You have an allergy needing bit longer term treatment.

b) Blepharitis, a dandruff like thing over the lash line needing intense cleaning.

c) Allergenic substance entered the eyes ? dust, pollen, chemical .

a) Glaucoma has no symptoms till later stages therefore there will be no pain or reduced vision.

b) If you are 40 years or above or someone in your family has glaucoma, see an eye doctor.

c) Glaucoma cause blindness if untreated.Early detection can save sight. Don't be late.

a) Diabetes may lead to diabetic eye diseases like, retinopathy and cataract.

b) If untreated they lead to severe vision loss or blindness.

c) You need eye examination annually and treat if necessary.

d) A cataract operation or laser treatment for retinopathy may be required.

e) Vision loss due to retinal damage is irreversible; only early detection can prevent blindness.

a) This can be tear passage block.

b) You need to be treated with antibiotics.

c) A test is needed to check the tear passage.

d) You might need an operation to re-open the tear passage if this does not respond to eye drops.

a) Cataract is opacification or losing the transparent nature of the lens of the eye.

b) In old age almost everyone will have cataract.

c) It causes gradual vision loss and blindness with time.

e) A simple operation can restore the sight.

d) Visit the closest eye clinic or KCECC for an eye examination.

a) you are a diabetic; annually since the day of diagnosis.

b) If you have glaucoma; monthly or as advised.

c) If you are at school age and wearing eyeglasses; every six months.

d) If you are below 40 years and wearing glasses; every year.

e) In any other eye disease; as advised by the eye doctor.

a) Child can't identify far objects, watch TV closely or read books very closely.

b) Rubs eye frequently.

c) Complains of eye pain or headache often.

d) Not performs well in the school.

e) There is tearing when reads books or watches something.

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